Dikeman Laminating Corporation is a family owned and operated business that opened its doors in New York City in 1949.  Two years later, the company moved to New Jersey.

The foundation of our company has been built by our family of dedicated employees, who, by better servicing the needs of our customers, have established long and lasting relationships.  It’s these relationships that have fostered many of the new and innovative products that we now offer.

In 1999, one of these relationships led to an expansion, and created a new opportunity in the Southeast where Piedmont Laminating and Coatings was formed.

Piedmont Laminating and Coatings has been a great asset to our customers, and helps them service their client needs in other geographic locations.

In closing, thank you for all your years of continual support, and for the project challenges you present us with that enable us all to grow and prosper.

Jeffrey Snyder