EZ-Stick GREEN® …..the natural choice

EZ-Stick GREEN® is a new PVC Free process of producing window signs from material that is primarily Biodegradable & Compostable.  It is the perfect alternative to plastic signs….environmentally friendly, while offering superior quality for less cost.  Static cling or plastic/vinyl signs will NEVER decompose.

Ideal for: Window graphics ∼ Cooler Units ∼ POP Displays ∼ Counter Mats ∼ Mouse Pads ∼ Decorative Decals…..and much more!!

Key Feature:

EZ Stick GREEN® is a process that enables you to produce a truly versatile two way window graphic that is more economical and environmentally responsible than the plastics presently used in the market place today.  It eliminates the need for expensive backer films, flood coating and reverse printing of plastics.

Most importantly, EZ Stick GREEN® is an environmentally sustainable alternative to petrochemical derived products.  Its primary ingredients are natural and sustainable resources.  The print quality far exceeds those of any plastic window signs.

EZ Stick GREEN® can be applied to paper stocks:
Sheet sizes from 12″ x 18″ up to 42″ x 81″
100# coated text to 100pt board
Layout must allow 1″ gripper on all 4 sides
Working loss is approximately 5%

EZ Stick GREEN® Low Tack                                      EZ Stick GREEN® Permanent
Easy mounting and removes                                      Easy mounting to glass for a
cleanly from glass.  Repositionable                        stronger, more permanent bond.
during the installation process.                                Good durability.
Excellent clarity.

Installation:   Product must be applied to a clean, dry and dirt/contamination free surface.  Firm pressure must be applied to increase the cold flow and contact of the adhesive with the substrate.  Time and temperature will increase the surface contact and adhesion values.
Low Tack is not removable from acrylic surfaces.

Instructions:  EZ Stick GREEN® is designed for interior glass window use only and not intended for exterior window use, as weather conditions will affect the adhesion.  EZ Stick GREEN® is not intended for walls, and cannot be removed from acrylic surfaces.

EZ Stick GREEN® MUST be tested on non glass surfaces.  Testing does not guarantee future adhesion success on previously tested surfaces other than glass.  Sheet must always be shipped FLAT for successful installation:

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